2013 Focused women event for RBS

“Christine was very inspirational and I believe is a great role model for any person, be it woman or man who wants to advance her/his career. I could have listened to her for another two hours. She certainly could show a lot of men in executive positions what it is meant to be a true professional, who inspires and leads by example.”

“Articulate, open and honest.”

“Inspirational, motivational, extremely down to earth and a great speaker for a small crowd.”

“She was excellent, really interesting and engaging.”

“Very inspiring and driven.”

“Fantastic. Christine was a wonderful person to listen to. Intelligent, innovative and humorous.”

“I certainly have enjoyed my time on the RAC very much – in fact I think it is the most interesting committee I have been lucky enough to sit on. I have also enjoyed and benefited from your skill in Chairing it – I am sure that everyone else involved, like me, has felt that under your Chairmanship they were able to express their own views and to disagree with others frankly, without jeopardising the goodwill within and purpose of the group. That is not any easy thing to achieve in such a diverse group of people….”
Dr Madeleine L H Campbell, Hobgoblins Stud and Equine Reproduction Centre, Duddleswell

“I just wanted to thank you for your participation in this year’s BBC Food & Farming Awards. Quite apart from the hours of travel at unearthly hours – I have been following you on Twitter – you have done some great broadcasting for us ‘On Your Farm’. We were very satisfied with the turnout and recognition for this year’s awards and I’m quite sure we couldn’t have achieved this without your support.”
Jeremy Hayes, BBC Editor Rural Affairs

“You have provided a fantastic ray of light into the industry by asking the straightforward questions (which the industry was still managing not to ask itself) and putting some pretty plain, clear-headed thinking into the debate.”
Director of Policy, Country Land and Business Association

“You have done brilliantly in carving out an agricultural niche, putting Co-op Farms on the map and creating a real voice for the business that has won universal respect – it’s been a pleasure working with you here and there. I know you will make an equally strong impact in whatever comes next.”
Past CEO, Royal Agricultural Society of England

“Like many others I have watched and marvelled at the courage you have displayed during your time at the Co-op. Brave, bold decisions which have at times shaken the farming establishment to the core, but the results are there to be seen, a demonstration of the success of good leadership and intelligent authority. A hard act to follow!”
LH, farming and food consultant

“I think you have completely revolutionised the Co-op Farms and the credibility of the farms within the CO organisation. I remember Greg Page, the CEO of Cargill, once saying ‘No one remembers you for what you make or lose, only for what you change or improve.’ You get 11 out of 10 for both!”
CEO, Frontier Agriculture

“Christine is highly intelligent and energetic. She is able to derive imaginative solutions to strategic problems and convince those charged with implementation of their value. She is personable and communicates effectively. She would be a great asset for any large business looking for someone to develop and implement policy.”
SW, agricultural consultant

Co-operative Group

“You have done a fantastic job for Farms, Group and the wider community. The Group will be a poorer place – it needs people that are passionate and prepared to ‘go into bat’.”

“I have been sorry to read the news that you will be leaving the Group at the end of the year. As breaths of fresh air are not thick on the ground, I feel sure you will be missed. Certainly my team have always enjoyed working with you over the last ten years.”

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how sorry I was to hear you’re leaving us, I think you’ll be a big loss to the business. On a personal note I’d also like to thank you for your enthusiasm for PR, and for so often going out of your way to help make the most of media opportunities – it’s always much appreciated.”
Public Relations

“I just wanted to say that you are one of the most inspiring people that I have ever worked with, and your enthusiasm and ideas are infectious. I also have great respect for your ability to combine being a loving mother of two with a very demanding senior exec role – I never have quite worked out how you did it all, but you are a very good role model for someone like me! In addition, I feel that I have learnt so much about agriculture and the farming business from you, and found it more interesting than I could ever have imagined.”
Parliamentary Affairs

Co-operative Farms

“I am sorry to hear that you are leaving the business.  We have come a long way under your leadership in the time you have been with us. You have completely changed the culture of the business and I know you have had to make many difficult decisions along the way but these have borne the fruit of where we are today.  I have always admired your lightning understanding of an issue and your ability to speak to everyone (and have time) no matter who they might be.”
Operations Manager

“Sorry to hear you are leaving. All the best in the future – will miss talking to you in harvest and at the conference.”
Tractor driver