Executive experience 1982 to 2012

11 years in the Co-operative Group as Managing Director of the Co-operative Farms (now owned by the Wellcome Trust), including a year on the Co-operative Food Executive Board

  • Credited with turning round the farming business, losing £6m p.a, to one of the most respected farming businesses in the UK, in 2011 making £6m profit
  • Integrated production vertically into packing and branded produce in Co-op stores
  • Encouraged co-operation in machinery sharing, input purchasing and focus on R&D
  • Initiated the award-winning “From Farm to Fork” project which has had over 250k school children spend an educational day on a farm and Habitat Heroes, a project enhancing the environment for red-listed species on the farms
  • The farm sold at £50m premium to the value of the land, which I perceive as the value I added


12 years in fast moving consumer goods: brand management with Mars Confectionery and Vodafone and Marketing Director at Anchor Foods (now Fonterra)

  • Launched the Tracker brand at Mars Confectionery and created the Milky Way advertising still known to children today (through You Tube). Was one of the first engineers to be recruited into marketing and used my analysis of data to make significant differences in strategy.
  • Created the Free Range butter campaign for Anchor which ran for 15 years
  • Worked as a consultant for Vodafone for a year on their National Lottery bid


5 years in engineering with Coats Viyella (Germany, France, UK) and Marketing Director, Redland Bricks

  • 3 years at Coats Viyella in Dynacast, the high precision zinc die-casting subsidiary mainly supplying the motor industry. Trainee then Quality Assurance Manager
  • Redland Bricks was owned by Redland plc, I was the only female director in the plc. I used traditional marketing skills to increase margins considerably in the bricks business.


The Co-operative Group, Managing Director Co-operative Farms 2000-2012
New Zealand Dairy Board (now Fonterra), Commercial Director Anchor Foods UK 1996-2000
Redland Plc, Marketing Director Redland Bricks 1994-1996
Vodafone, Marketing Consultant to National Lottery Bid 1993-1994
Wang UK, Marketing Director 1992-1993
Mars Confectionery, Marketing Manager, Production Planner 1985-1992
Coats Viyella, Quality Manager Dynacast UK, Trainee Dynacast Germany, France 1982-1985